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Investing with a fresh perspective

A disciplined investment strategy is a critical component of any comprehensive wealth management plan. At the U.S. Bank Private Wealth Management, we believe that consistency over the long term improves the likelihood of success in achieving your investment goals. That’s why we apply a uniquely tailored approach to curate a mix of assets across global capital markets that align with your financial objectives and risk profile. Our goal is to develop a highly personalized investment portfolio that inspires lasting confidence.

Our process includes three components:

  • Strategic and tactical asset allocation. Using long-term historical information and forward-looking projections on asset-class performance, we craft recommended portfolio mixes designed to generate the greatest return potential for a given level of risk over an extended period of time. Portfolio strategies include mixes of assets across four broad categories:

    ∴ Equities
    ∴ Fixed income
    ∴ Commodities
    ∴ Real estate

  • Broad investment selection. Our experienced due-diligence teams work collaboratively to identify specific funds and other investment vehicles that can be considered for inclusion in client portfolios. This work focuses the list of investment strategies to a group that meets our exacting standards and ongoing monitoring practices to offer selections that we believe have the best potential to help you capitalize on the most attractive opportunities available in today’s capital markets.
  • Personalized investment strategy development. First, we listen closely and work with you to zero in on your unique financial priorities and tolerance for market risk. Your dedicated Portfolio Manager then builds a tailored portfolio based on your investment profile, designed to help enhance return potential and manage volatility while acknowledging your tax concerns. In the process, we strive to balance existing concentrated positions and make appropriate adjustments for the current market environment.

Experience matters

Our team includes seasoned Portfolio Managers, many of whom hold advanced professional degrees and credentials, located throughout the country to help guide you through the investment process. We believe you’ll experience the benefits from both the proximity and local knowledge your dedicated Portfolio Manager can provide along with the collective experience and insights the entire national team have to offer.

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Important Disclosures

Investment products and services are: 

This information represents the opinion of U.S. Bank and is not intended to be a forecast of future events or guarantee of future results. It is not intended to provide specific advice or to be construed as an offering of securities or  recommendation to invest. Not for use as a primary basis of investment decisions. Not to be construed to meet the needs of any particular investor. Not a representation or solicitation or an offer to sell/buy any security. Investors should consult with their investment professional for advice concerning their particular situation.

Equity securities are subject to stock market fluctuations that occur in response to economic and business developments. International investing involves special risks, including foreign taxation, currency risks, risks associated with possible difference in financial standards and other risks associated with future political and economic developments. Investing in fixed income securities are subject to various risks, including changes in interest rates, credit quality, market valuations, liquidity, prepayments, early redemption, corporate events, tax ramifications, and other factors. Investment in debt securities typically decrease in value when interest rates rise. The risk is usually greater for longer term debt securities. Investments in lower rated and non-rated securities present a greater risk of loss to principal and interest than higher rated securities. There are special risks associated with an investment in commodities, including market price fluctuations, regulatory changes, interest rate changes, credit risk, economic changes, and the impact of adverse political or financial factors. Investments in real estate securities can be subject to fluctuations in the value of the underlying properties, the effect of economic conditions on real estate values, changes in interest rates, and risks related to renting properties (such as rental defaults).